An Applications and Service of mechanical seal

Service group

Given the complexity of the problems of mechanical seals and requirements of our customers was generated application and service group that seeks by professional installation and supervision eliminate seal failure due to improper installation. These are workers who are highly specialized on this issue and achieve very good results (see references). Furthermore, this group is secured operative intervention in case of emergency. One of the other options are also preventive inspection facilities,thanks to which can prevent major damage and catch the problem in the bud. All these activities lead mainly to cost savings on maintenance and repair it.

Important actions

Preparation equipment for mechanical seal

Placement on site of mechanical seals ( new ones / after repair ) of equipment

Preparation of equipment for transition from cord to mechanical seal

Repair of mechanical seals of other manufacturers too

  • repair of sliding surfaces (lapping control by monochromatic light)
  • production of new sliding surfaces in the required material quality
  • optimization of material composition of slides and secondary seals
  • Pressure test of mechanical seals
  • Exposure Protocol pressure test
  • Exposure Protocol repair mechanical seals

Our Main references

  • U.S. Steel Kosice - DZ Cold Rolling Mill
  • U.S. Steel Kosice - DZ Packaging branch
  • U.S. Steel Kosice - DZ Coke
  • U.S. Steel Kosice - Steel Plant
  • Mondi SCP Ruzomberok
  • Fermas Slovak Lupca
  • Bukocel SpA Hencovce