Mechanical seals split

Mechanical seals split

Type 299

Type 299 Type 299 is a mechanical seal for use in rotary pump, screw pump (cooling water in power stations and in atomic), the Francis and Kaplan turbines (hydropower). It is highly valuable segmented seals, which at base exceeds original split seals. It always made for equipment and special structures adapted for easy assembly.

Use of this gland is recommended in the following situations:

  • Pump / equipment is on the hard to reach placess
  • Difficult assembly / disassembly
  • Large diameter shaft


  • simple
  • pressured lightweight
  • both directions of rotation
  • more springs (protected)
  • sbabille construction

Limit data:

Dw: 50 - 600 mm
Pmax: 0,5 bar (vacuum) - 25 bar
t: +120°C
vmax: 10 m/s