Hi - density

Hi - density

Hi-Density sealing tape is made of 100% pure PTFE, available for all threaded connections, pipes, screwing and so on. metal, plastic, rubber, brass, aluminum, eventually. of stainless and galvanized material.


This sealing tape is universally compatible with the full range of pH 0 to 14, at from -240 °C to 260 °C and at a pressure up to max.175 bar (by mechanical properties of the thread, and the working temperature - the oxygen in the max. 50 bar for gas max. 7 bar). It is suitable for all environments, such as drinking water, hot water, salt water, steam, air, oil, acids, alkalis, gas - natural, propane, Frigen, butane, chlorine, oxygen in the gas phase (see Permits / admission) ammonia, solvents, fuels, etc.


DVGW - CAS 83.01 540: tested as a product for supply of gas, and water according to DIN 30660, edition 6/82.

BAM - Tgb. no. 5421/83/4 - 1906 II: testing the applicability of sealing tape for pipe screwing in oxygen aggregates - any security-technical objections based on the test results for to the use tape to 60 °C in oxygen pressure up to 50 bar (except for liquid oxygen).

MIL-T-27730 A (ASG) / FDA: Tape meets the above specification MIL and provision FDA.

Ordering informations:

Dimensions (width x lenght)* Packaging unit** Prod. Number
12,7 mm x 10 m
1/2" x 394"
1 little cartoon (12 rolls) 121009

* The request can be delivered in different lengths
**can be supplied in a large carton = 12 small cartons = 144 rolls