Pump repairs

Pump repairs

The following ones from important actions are pump repairs, technical condition of pumps directly affects lifetime of used seal /mechanical seal , which is many times the essential cost item of established equipment.

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We perform

  • Routine repair,
  • middle repair,
  • Overhaul
    of single stage and multistage centrifugal pumps like : META PLUS, KSB, GARBARINO, CHE,CVE, CVEV, CGM, CHO, SULZER, ANDRITZ, NCU, KID, QVD, QVC, OMEGA, METSO, screw pumps and another.
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The manufacturing of rotate parts of pumps

  • Manufacturing of original used rotate parts.
  • Proposal and creation drawings and manufacturing new enhanced shafts, shaft casings, seal chambers, bearing bracket.

Important features of repair

  • Check the extent of damage, specification damaged spare parts and draft the most optimal solution pump repairs.
  • Complete reconstruction and technical design of transition pump gland seal for mechanical - single or double with accessory.
  • Sandblasting, preparation and anticorrosion coating internal part of hydraulics of pumps – coating of impellers, spirals, pump covers and intermediate walls.
  • Checking of functional dimensions and tolerances of each pump section.
  • Presurre test of hydraulic components of pumps and mechanical seals.
  • Issuing a permits about repair.
  • Repair registry.
  • Replacement o pumps on the position linked with renewal of couplings and f pumps focused to alignment of shafts and electric motor and associated with pumps and mechanical seal watering, deaeration and start up the pump.
  • Replacement of mechanical seal or adequate compensation o fit directly on the position or during medium repair.
  • Placement of new pumps on site.

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