Company History

1998 Establishment of company Ing.Peter Bubnár – B.P.M., start of trade with seals from company Chetra GmbH Mníchov.
2000 CHETRA established company CHETRA Slowakei Ltd. under a license agreement on the use of the trade at the same time is established a service center for mechanical seals.
2004 Establishment of CHETRA SK, Ltd., which deals with providing of maintenance works.
2005 Getting a framework contract for servicing of mechanical seals and barrier devices for U.S.Steel Kosice Ltd., which is periodically renewed every 3 years.
2008 CHETRA SK, Ltd. obtained the certificate ISO 9001:2009
Creating consignment store for Mondi SCP SpA Ružomberok for mechanical seals and sealing cords.
2011 Purchase the production site of the former glassmaking company LUSK as Medzilaborce, where there are two manufacturing facilities covering an area of 2x1500m2 and administration building. The future reconstruction will be financed from EU funds.
2011 Awards Mondi SCP a.s. -"The best contractor in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection.“
2012 The beging of construction of a new hall for the Centre servicing of pumps and mechanical seals for operation in Hencovce, Vranov n / T.
2013-2014 The dynamic growth of company in sales, services and production divisions. Evaluated projects supported by State Fund EU, OP Competitiveness and economic growth, research and development, innovation and energy efficiency.
2015 The successful completion of projects co-financed from EU funds.
Reconstruction of production facilities in Medzilaborce.

The introduction of new innovative technologies in production plants in Medzilaborce and Hencovce.
Registration of industrial property rights - double split mechanical seal and a removable pin from pulp, as the output of the project in the research and development of hi-tech mechanical seals.
2016 Establishment of service and production divisions in the area of Mondi SCP Ruzomberok.