Analysis and filtration of oils

Analýza a filtrácia olejov

Company CHETRA SK s.r.o. offers analysis and filtration of oils ( hydraulic, quenching, lubrication, turbine, gear, transformer) and other liquids.

Regular analysis and filtering is performed in Mondi SCP SpA where in addition also we provide comprehensive care for the hydraulic unit of fiber lines.

We offer:

  • Analysis of oils

    • We perform microscopic analysis of pollution of oils and define pollution class according to ISO 4406/1999 a NAS 1638 . We also provide consumption of watter in oil by Karl Fischer method.
    • We need sample of oil (100-300ml) for this analysis.The sample has to be taken into unpolluted pot. The sampling can be doen by customer or by our technicians.
    • We provide also output record of the evaluation and draft recommendations for every analysis.
  • Filtration of olis

    • 70-80% of defects of hydraulic systems in practice are caused by solid particles dispersed and established throughout the hydraulic system
    • We offer filtration of mechanical impurities and separation of watter from hadraulic oils by filtration equipment.