Company Strategy

Our company efforts to develop and produce the quality and very interesting products for customers. We are trying to produce these products to satisfy all expectations of our clients ( quality, timeliness, price, warranty) and to motivate them to further cooperation by this way, There are increased requirements for all branches of economy after entry of Slovakia into EU. There are the same very intensive increasing requirements of market for quality and timeliness of our products during last years. We realize, the modernization and diversity of production and production systems relating to it are very important strategy of each company, which wants to apply for a favor of customers of the cerrent conditions on the existing market.

Customer Care

Target of our company is not only to produce and than sale quality services, but also providing additional services in the form of waranty and after sales service and another ones. We want to satisfy our customers in the field of satisfaction and success. We support our customers in their commercial and technical services and marketing. The success of our customers will become our success by this way.

Our servis center is our big advantage compared with other domestic companies, where we are able to repair any type of mechanical seal of another producers too, often during 24 hours. We are able to provide our customers inclusive servis of equipments together with commissioning simultaneously. Such coompanies like are listed bellow belong to our customers:

  • Mondi SCP SpA Ruzomberok
  • U.S. Steel Kosice Ltd.
  • Slovnaft SpA Bratislava
  • Bukocel SpA Hencovce
  • Chemstroj Ltd. Strazske
  • Chemosvit SpA Svit

We are regularly focusing on identification strenghts and weaknesses of competitors due to elimination of competition.