Company CHETRA SK s.r.otook workshop in company Mondi SCP a.s. Ruzomberok

We provide complet production or repair of parts, components from various materials your requirements.We has professionals in metalworking with long experiences, due to we can ensure high quality of metalworking.

We offer:

  • reparation parts by machining
  • production of parts by machining
  • renovating of parts by surfacing

Types of machining:

  • Sawmilling
    • The separation of the material to achieve the desired size before further working.
    • Sawing on semiautomatic.
    • Cutting by Machine gang saw.
  • Turning
    • Roughing surfaces of revolution.
    • Finishing turning surfaces of revolution.
    • Turning recesses.
    • Turning shaped surfaces.
  • Milling
    • Face milling.
    • Milling shaped surfaces.
    • Milling gears.
  • Planing
    • Planing flat surfaces
  • Slotting
    • Slotting flat surfaces
    • Slotting of inclined and vertical surfaces.
  • Threading
    • Machine threading
    • Hand Threading
  • Grinding
    • Grinding flat s urfaces
    • Cylindrical grinding
    • Sharpening knives.

If your parts , componends are quick weared or if you need to reach specific atributes, we have the solution for you in the form of aplication hoot-dip coatings, which use the latest technology. More of these coatings can be found here.

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